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About Us

Overseas Polymers Pvt Ltd (OPPL) is a Vinmar group (US BASED MULTINATIONAL GROUP) company. OPPL is engaged in Marketing and Distribution of Polymers, specialty Polymers, Master Batch, Chemicals, Drum Chemicals and Rubbers in India and operates through its network of offices and stock points at Major locations in India.

OPPL has Strong relationships with reputed global Suppliers for sourcing of these products, who are known for their Quality & Commitments.

OPPL offer these products as per Customers requirements, we structure supply chain and transport to help and suit to your requirement, our dedicated team of professional is always available to provide Technical support â€Â“ if necessary with the help of Suppliers, we share our experience and market intelligence and do everything for high level of customer service.

Bottom-line, the products OPPL handles - OPPL is a one stop shop for your requirement with high customer service and satisfaction levels.

Industry Serviced

Polymers & Rubber Applications

Chemical Applications





Blow & Injection Moulding

Adhesive & Emulsions


Agro Chemicals

Toys/Water Banks


Pipes & Conduits

Flavours & Fragrances

Profile & Mouldings


Tubes, Tyres, Belts, Etc.

Laminates, etc.

Why Us?

Some of the reasons that stand us apart from others are:

  • Multiple Product Portfolio
  • Experienced Marketing Team
  • Market Intelligence
  • Technical Support
  • Established Customer Base
  • Sales Offices & W/H across India